7 giugno 2006

Wynona, uno dei miei mille gruppi

Wynona were a net-pop-band, they didn't really exist and the members never met. They found each other on the web. I know that sounds really pathetic and geeky, but they could be quite cool on occasion.
These songs represent what Wynona were about. The quality is good when you consider that these recordings have been floating back and forth over the Internet (and that was in the days of 500mhz processors and 56k modems). The two member recorded and produced everything themselves using free software on their computers. Hooray for N-track.
All songs were dreamt up in Nottingham and Verona. Wynona are no more, in fact they never were.

Questo ha scritto il mio bandmate Lee.
Qui potete trovare alcune delle canzoni che abbiamo fatto assieme tra il 2000 e il 2002.